LaBelle Cemetery Tours


LaBelle Cemetery established in the 1800s in the beautiful City of Oconomowoc is but one of the gems that brings many to live, visit and enjoy the historic area. The Oconomowoc Historical Society has prepared a series of tours to enhance and encourage a stroll through the cemetery and to inspire a connection to the past. Needless to say, these tours do not encompass all of the memorialized people who helped to make Oconomowoc a great city but perhaps you will be tempted to consider a visit.

La Belle-CemeteryThere are three separate tours all with focus on people who greatly influenced the development of Oconomowoc.

Tour 1. The Settlers. 1837-1851

Tour 2. Newport of the Midwest 1858-early 1900s

La Belle-Cem-2Tour 3: 20th Century Influences

Map of All Tours

Cemetery Etiquette

  • Obey all posted cemetery rules located near the entrance
  • Allow mourners privacy. Speak quietly and don’t photograph mourners or funerals. Be respectful and do your best to stay out of the way
  • Appreciate memorials. Leave things where you find them. Taking items for souvenirs is theft
  • Do not lean, sit, or climb on headstones. Running, playing, and noisy activities are not appropriate. Parents, please watch your children and remind them of the rules
  • Do not use shaving cream or any substance other than water to reveal inscriptions. Ask for permission prior to creating any rubbings. Do use natural light to your advantage
  • Report damage to cemetery caretaker or Oconomowoc Police
  • Be respectful of the cemetery property – Throw away trash
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited
  • No dogs allowed in the cemetery